meniu digital menu

Reduces the cost of printing the menu

With the help of the contactless menu you will be relieved of the problem of printing the menus with each price change or damage.

No applications installed

It does not require installing an application on your mobile phone. Most mobile phones allow QR Codes to be read by scanning with the camera.

increased hygiene

Customers will no longer have to touch the menus every time. With a simple scan of the QR code, they will be able to see the menu directly on the phone.

Increase revenues

The pictures of the dishes help to increase the sales, the visual impact being a decisive factor in the choice of the dishes.

instant changes in the digital menu

You will no longer need to change the menus with corrective paste until they are reprinted. Product changes are sent instantly.

Short order time

With the help of the instructions on the sticker, customers will have the menu immediately on the phone. Thus, the waiters will take over the order faster.

How the digital menu works

1. The customer sees the QR code on the table and scans it with his mobile phone

pachetul basic

2. The phone asks permission to open the menu in the browser

pachetul basic scan qr code

3. The menu opens in the format provided by you (PDF / IMAGE / DOCUMENT)

meniu basic

In this case, the browser will open the menu in JPEG format (photo) stored at (click to view)

Frequent questions

Meniul poate fi afișat ca PDF, The menu can be displayed as PDF, Document, JPEG, JPG, PNG. It can also photograph / scan your current menu and load it into system.

It only takes 5 minutes to get access to the QR code and your own link (where the menu will be displayed).

We are at your disposal at any time. You can write to our contact or phone call.

The price is only 10 RON per month. Payment can be made monthly or according to your preferences. An invoice is provided.

For the BASIC PACKAGE we offer you 30 days, in which you can test the service COMPLETELY FREE, without hidden fees.

Trying to offer a complete solution for any all sizes of restaurants, coffee shops, bars or pubs we developed 3 packages:

1. Basic
2. Advanced
3. Premium

Request your favorite package

    You can contact us by email or by phone +4072 7900500 (Whatsapp available).