Digital menu for restaurants (QR Code)

meniu digital

How it Works

It is extremely simple to use and requires 3 steps:

1. Open your phone’s Camera and scan the QR code.
2. The code will be read and on the screen you will be asked if you agree to open the menu in the browser.
3. The menu will be displayed in the browser set on your phone.

meniu digital pentru restaurante qr code

Advantages of digital menu

Reduces the cost of printing the menu

With the help of the contactless menu you will be relieved of the problem of printing the menus with each price change or damage.

No applications installed

It does not require installing an application on your mobile phone. Most mobile phones allow QR Codes to be read by scanning with the camera.

increased hygiene

Customers will no longer have to touch the menus every time. With a simple scan of the QR code, they will be able to see the menu directly on the phone.

Increase revenues

The pictures of the dishes help to increase the sales, the visual impact being a decisive factor in the choice of the dishes.

instant changes in the digital menu

You will no longer need to change the menus with corrective paste until they are reprinted. Product changes are sent instantly.

Short order time

With the help of the instructions on the sticker, customers will have the menu immediately on the phone. Thus, the waiters will take over the order faster.

Choose the perfect plan

We understand that this business is not special and the needs differ depending on a variety of factors. That’s why we decided to offer more packages for the right digital menu from which you can choose.



Per year




Per year




On time payment

Frequently asked questions

For the PREMIUM package we offer you all the benefits of the STANDARD package. However, for those who want to offer customers PREMIUM functionalities, which we have not included in our offer, you can ask us for functionalities for a fee.

We can also offer you products on which to display QR codes, details about models and price on the dedicated page – Products. We can 3D print different objects such as napkin holder, vase, cup holder. Also, for specific restaurants we can create unique products, such as burgers, pizza, shaorma, etc., on which we will include the QR code.

The QR Code is provided by us and can be downloaded from the administration section of your restaurant.

You can print the QR Code or you can buy stickers from us. Visit Products Page.

You can change the menu at any time, and the changes will be instantaneous.

If time does not allow you to manage the menu for your restaurant, we are at your disposal with the registration and addition of products to the menu.

All packages we offer include maintenance. Whatever your problem, we are at your disposal.

The platform was designed so that it could be used by anyone, regardless of technical knowledge.

Language barriers cannot keep your customers away from your restaurant. You can add the menu in any language. In the administration page of your restaurant, you can choose the languages in which your menu will be available. Then, for each product you will be able to add your translations.

Registering on the platform is very simple. Depending on the chosen package, we can set your menu in maximum 10 minutes. Later, the products will need to be added.

Our packages do not include the costs of printing QR codes. We provide you in the administration panel, the QR code, which you can print yourself. If you want us to offer them to you, you have the Products page, where you can consult the prices.

For any question, we are at your disposal. Contact Us


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